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Grand Rapids Association of Realtors Reciprocity

Please read the following Terms of Use. If you agree to follow the terms outlined, press the "I Agree" button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the GRAR login page. Enter the User Name and Password you obtained from the MLS Links page.

The User Name and password for GRAR will change on the first business day of each month.

If you do not agree to the following Terms of Use, just close this window.


Terms of Use for the GRAR RE/Source MLS and SWMRIC MLS Reciprocity Agreement


Use of the Username and Password to access the GRAR RE/Source MLS will subject the SWMRIC User to the following conditions and rules for MLS Reciprocity.




GRAR (Grand Rapids Association of REALTORS) operates a computerized Multiple Listing System (MLS).  SWMRIC (Southwestern Michigan Regional Information Center),  operates a computerized regional information center for their seven Member Associations and their respective MLSís.  SWMRIC is willing to provide access to its Rapattoni Computerized Information Center by authorized participants of GRAR and licensees affiliated with said participants (hereafter participants); and GRAR is willing to provide access to its RE/Source MLS by authorized participants of the MLSís of the member Associations of SWMRIC and licensees affiliated with said participants (hereafter participants).    




A.    Authorized participants shall not make the listings of the GRAR RE/Source MLS available to any person or entity except in connection with the regular conduct of his/her real estate business, defined as a good faith effort to produce a sale, exchange, or estimate of value, or lease of the property or properties involved.  Additionally, authorized participants shall not sell copies of any listings filed with the GRAR RE/Source MLS or MLS compilations provided.


B.    For security reasons, the password shall be changed on the first business day of each month.


C.    Participants agree to abide by all of the applicable MLS Rules and Regulations as may be in effect from time to time of the Associationís MLS where the listing was entered.


D.    All compensation disputes between participants shall be resolved by application of the "procuring cause" principle, irrespective of whether one or both of the contestants acted in the capacity of agent or subagent of the seller or agent for the buyer.  Participants shall not disrupt or cause a delay in the closing of any transaction based upon a dispute between them regarding compensation; rather they shall cooperate in the closing of the transaction and later resolve the dispute between them by negotiation or invoking the Interboard Arbitration procedures pursuant to the Michigan Association of REALTORSģ Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual.


E.    Participants in MLS Reciprocity are not allowed to download, export, frame, or scrape the data. All of these activities are prohibited. Those desiring to download or export the data through standard export programs available through GRAR or SWMRIC must be a full MLS Participant of the applicable MLS.  This agreement does not allow GRAR Participants to access the Commercial/Industrial Property Type listings in the SWMRIC database.


F.    The Listing Brokerís offering of cooperation and compensation (terms upon which he/she will share the commission with such Brokers where he/she acts as the Listing Broker and another Broker acts as the selling Broker) shall be extended to authorized MLS reciprocity participants.


G.   There shall be no fees or charges to authorized participants who access the GRAR MLS via MLS reciprocity.


H.   Use of the single password for MLS reciprocity access will not enable personalized use of programs such as buyer prospecting, listing cart, add a listing, or other similar programs/features.